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Affordable healthcare for Colorado's front range

Hello! I design better healthcare experiences for individuals, families, and businesses along Colorado's front range.

Travis Bockenstedt | Chief Experience Officer


Build Your Own Benefits

Team Pinnacle can help you find affordable primary care and major medical benefits to keep you healthy and protect you financially. No kickbacks from insurance companies, just actual healthcare professionals who understand your needs.

Direct Primary Care

Comprehensive primary care for a fixed monthly membership fee.

Major Medical

Choose from traditional major medical or HealthShare alternatives.


Complete your benefits package with dental and vision.



Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care is a healthcare company serving Colorado's front range dedicated to fixing the broken healthcare industry. We believe primary care and family medicine are the foundation of our healthcare system. Our team partners with like minded healthcare professionals to provide our members with comprehensive primary care and wrap around benefits such as major medical, dental, and vision.


Team Pinnacle

When you work with Team Pinnacle, you'll have the confidence to make informed healthcare decisions. We focus on fostering strong doctor-patient relationships, convenient access to care, and cost-effective treatment options. We understand what it takes to keep you healthy and protect you financially when major medical events arise.

No Spam Promise

Unlike many online websites, we do not sell your personal information and will never spam you. When you work with Pinnacle, we connect you with a select group of LOCAL healthcare consultants whom we know, like, and trust.

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